Choose Your Portable Basketball Hoop Wisely

Before you go shopping for a portable basketball hoop, you need to take some time and read the reviews below. We’re going to take a look at some of the top portable basketball systems over at We’re going to take a look at some important factors with each portable basketball hoop so you can make an informed decision.

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Lifetime 1221 Portable Basketball Hoop

The Lifetime 1221 has a telescoping feature and this will easily help you in adjusting the height from 7.5 feet up to 10 feet (6-inch increments) without requiring any tools. You can easily move it from one area to another but you won’t have any issues with its stability. You can just push and roll it to your desired area as there are wheels that will enable you to do that. You can fill the 27-gallon base with either sand or water to establish it firmly above the ground. The 44-inch backboard of the Lifetime 1221 doesn’t easily crack due to weather conditions and to wear and tear. The backboard also has ultraviolet protection and built with a special kind of material that’s built to last.

The Lifetime 1221 is one of the most popular portable hoops right now and it has a lot of positive reviews from buyers over at People commented on its awesome value for the money. The price for this portable basketball hoop is more affordable than others but the quality is still top notch. Lifetime advertises that this is perfect for all ages and skill level but in our research it’s most effective for kids and teenagers. Assembly is not that really difficult and not that easy according to many of the reviews as you’ll need a helping hand when setting it up.

If you’re monitoring your budget and/or want something for your kids who are getting interested in basketball, then you should definitely check out the Lifetime 1221 portable basketball system.

Spalding The Beast 74560

The Spalding The Beast 74560 is built with a 60-inch glass backboard which is bigger than other hoop brands. The backboard also gives you a more authentic rebound than acrylic and the frame is built in a heavy duty frame with aluminum trimmings. It also comes installed with a Pro Image breakaway basketball rim and you can adjust the height from 7.5 feet up to 10 feet using the screw jack lift. There’s also a 2-piece, 5-inch square angled pole setup with screw in water positioning indicator base cap. The portability is easily accomplished by the multi-wheeled setup and with the support handle.

The price for the Spalding The Beast 74560 is definitely not cheap but this didn’t became an issue for majority of the consumers. They certainly know the value of paying the right price for a good product. Sure enough, consumers were very much pleased with the quality, design and durability of this portable basketball hoop. When it comes to assembly, there were some people who found it to be a bit harder to set up. At first try, it will probably take you almost 4 hours in assembling this portable basketball hoop. It’s definitely advisable to have an extra helping hand. More importantly you have to read the instructions very carefully. Another good suggestion is to bring out the right tools suggested in the setup manual as it will make the assembly time a lot faster and smoother.

You’ll definitely get a feel of playing in a college hoop setup with the Spalding The Beast portable basketball hoop.

Lifetime 1269 Portable Basketball Goal

The Lifetime 1269 is another portable basketball hoop that’s very easy to move around thanks to its wheels. It’s very stable because it comes with a 27-gallon base which you can fill with either water or sand. Of course, like every other portable basketball hoop, you can adjust the height of the Lifetime 1269. You don’t need to bring out any tools to adjust the height since the telescoping pole with 6-inch increments will take care of it. The 44-inch acrylic backboard has a nice design that’s resistant to fading and also gives you a glass like feel.

The Lifetime 1269 is an average priced portable basketball hoop and considered to be a very good purchase for kids and teenagers. When you read what others have said about this portable basketball hoop, majority of them are pleased on how easy the assembly is with its easy to read instructions. Having another person to help you with setup is obviously a lot easier but some have reported that you can assemble this portable basketball hoop all by yourself. There’s no definite testimony when it comes to long term exposure to different weather elements. But there are metal bolts and parts that are exposed which can easily get corroded after some time. A good tip is to paint over these exposed parts after you’ve decided on the rim’s height.

The Lifetime 1269 is also a really sturdy portable basketball hoop as there was a report that this hoop stood on their ground really well under a storm. However, there would be some wobbling if there’s some aggressive playing simply because it’s not a regulation type basketball goal.

Spalding 68454 Basketball Hoop

The Spalding 68454 portable basketball hoop is definitely going to be an eye candy in your backyard. It has a 40-gallon base that will prevent any wobbles and skids. You can fill the base with either water or sand but the latter is preferable so the water doesn’t freeze if you’re in a cold climate. The Spalding 68454 has a Screw Jack system which allows you to easily adjust the height from 7.5 feet up to 10 feet, thus letting kids and adults enjoy a good basketball game. The special breakaway rim will enable you to shoot some long distances and slam the ball as it’s made from solid steel.

You need not to worry about the assembly process of this portable basketball hoop because a lot of people had an easy time in setting it up. If you have a teenager then you can easily set up the Spalding 68454 in about 4 hours. The main advantage of this portable basketball goal over others seems to be its 54-inch glass backboard which gives you a feel of playing on an in-ground hoop system.

This price tag for this portable basketball hoop is also not cheap. Majority of the consumers commented about the price being higher than others but eventually they realized why it’s been priced that way after using the Spalding 68454. Overall, they felt that every cent is worth it.

Also you need to be aware of its minor issue in portability. You can actually move this portable basketball hoop around pretty easily but when you fill up the base, moving it around is not going to be that easy because of the added weight.

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Important Portable Basketball Hoop Factors to Understand

If you ask someone about a portable basketball hoop then most of the time, you’ll get a positive response from them. Try asking a kid or a teenager and you’ll see the enthusiasm straight away. The reason for this is because almost everyone loves to play a game of basketball. Well if you think about it, playing some hoops with your friends and with your kids is a fun thing to do if you’re just really bored at home.

A portable basketball hoop is really popular right now but buying one can be a bit overwhelming for most of the people. That’s why you have to exercise some extra caution when buying your first portable basketball hoop. Take time to read this article so you can learn the important factors that you have to look for when getting a portable basketball system. Alternatively, you can browse around this site and go straight to the homepage to take a look at the top portable basketball hoops that are really getting a lot of reviews from consumers.

It’s really very important that you take your time and don’t rush into things when buying a portable basketball hoop. Otherwise you might not like how things would turn up. There are a lot of other brands in the market and fortunately we’re here to help you out in picking the ideal portable basketball hoop for your needs.

These basketball systems basically have the same built and parts. You will obviously find a rim, backboard and base but each of them has different designs to meet the certain needs and demands. You have to factor the age because everyone obviously is different. Also you have to consider the skill level because if you’re going to dunk, you’ll need a more stable portable basketball hoop. On the other hand, if you have kids who just want a good time playing basketball, majority of the basketball systems in the market will be enough.

First let’s talk about the price because many of the consumers will probably want an idea on how much it’s going to cost. The price of a certain portable basketball hoop will give you an idea on the quality of the materials used, quality, durability and features that you can benefit from it. The ones that are really cheap and more affordable will be most appropriate for casual use at home. Many people will consider a portable basketball hoop as an investment when they see that it has a more expensive price tag because they know that it’s going to last for many years.

Many of the portable basketball systems will be equipped with a base that’s built from a durable plastic. Now you can fill this base with either sand or water. The overall weight of a portable basketball hoop will determine how portable it’s going to be and how easily you can transfer it from one area to another. The base will also be responsible for the stability of your portable basketball hoop. If the base is heavier then there won’t be any wobbling issues when you use the hoop.

Another factor that you want to check out when shopping for your portable basketball hoop is the backboard. Now there are some local retail stores that will give you the opportunity to install the type of backboard that you like but there are also many portable basketball goals where the backboards are already installed. There are a lot of varying materials used for backboards and the ones that are common are those made from acrylic and polycarbonate materials. Take note that these plastics are really strong and durable but there’s one clear indication from the acrylic type because it turns into yellow when it’s out in the sunlight for an extended time. If you’re closely monitoring your budget, then a backboard that’s made from molded plastic will suffice. But the issue with molded plastic backboards is that it’s going to vibrate and shake a lot. A portable basketball hoop that you can find in some larger compounds will often use a glass type of backboard. You might be concerned of the glass being shattered but the odds of this happening are almost non-existent. Other types of backboard materials are built from fiberglass and steel. You can find them most of the time being used in public.

Next important thing that you need to read about is the assembly process. There’s a portable basketball hoop where you can pretty much set it up all by yourself and of course there are some where you’ll need an extra hand and some tools to assemble it. There’s also a factor on how the rim is going to be attached to the backboard and obviously how it all fits together in its pole system. The point that we’re trying to convey is there are portable basketball systems that are a bit of a challenge to setup and there are some that are very easy.

A portable basketball hoop will come in different dimensions and because of this, you must take note of the area where you’ll set it up. It’s really difficult to enjoy a nice game if you have a huge portable basketball hoop in a very limited area and vice versa. The shape of the backboard will commonly be in rectangular but there are other shapes that are more appropriate for children and this will save some space.

Your job of choosing the best portable basketball hoop will be so much easier if you can jot down a list of features that will suit your needs. The benefit of making your own list is that it will prevent you from being overwhelmed with the many products out in the market. Obviously this will require a good deal of research from your part but you can easily get some help from forums and of course from this portable basketball hoop site because we’ve listed some of the top portable systems in the market right now. You can also ask a friend of yours and if you’re lucky enough you might even get to play on their portable basketball hoop and really see for yourself if it’s the ideal one you’re looking for.

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